Hi! My name is Maggie and I am a certified birth doula and storyteller in Asheville, NC. I support and guide families through life’s thresholds.


 My life is currently undergoing the messy transformation of motherhood. In the spring of 2017 I welcomed my own daughter into the world. I believe that our children are here to transform us if we have the patience and courage to allow it. My greatest joy and challenge is attempting to embrace and recognize all that my daughter has to teach me.

As a true believer in the power of story, I claim there is no greater honor than telling the story of a child’s entrance into this world. I've had the honor of documenting birth stories for 5 years. I am thrilled to be able to offer hands on support as well as sincere imagery as you experience the beginnings, expansions, and transitions of your family. It is my goal to share with you the value of the authentic moments that make up your life. All of these moments – the pure and the messy, the mundane and the extraordinary – they are important to every family’s story.

With a degree in photography and child & family sciences, I am honored to bring experience, empathy, and an artistic eye to every family I support.



Birth photographs by Destinee Blau Photography.

My birth photos are some of the greatest treasures I possess.


After a difficult pregnancy and a labor that brought me to my knees, these photographs capture the courage and joy that carried us to this moment. How hard all three of us worked to finally be united. In these photographs I not only see a baby taking her first breath but I see the birth of a mother and a father.

These photographs are even more sacred to me because of the ways in which our birth story did not go according to plan. Immediately after she was born our daughter was rushed to the NICU due to trouble breathing.

Without these photographs that would be the defining moment of her birth story for me – her being taken away. Us being separated for hours. Me suddenly finding myself with an empty womb and empty arms not knowing where my baby was. Without these photographs that would be the story.

But with these photographs I see the moment our family was formed, I see the love that greeted my daughter when she entered this world. I see a brave and strong woman pouring love over her baby the moment she took her first breath. Because of these photographs I was able to rewrite the way I experienced her birth story.

Before experiencing birth firsthand I believed that birth photography was important and valuable. I believed that it was a gift for babies as well as parents. But now I know this to be absolutely true. I’ve experienced in the deepest parts of my heart just how healing and empowering birth photography can be whether you experience your dream birth or encounter more left turns than you can count.


After my daughter was born I wanted to hold onto every single detail of her development. She was transforming so rapidly right before my eyes that it was disorienting.


The things that I cherished and marveled about her were here one day and completely different the next. I tried to take photographs, to journal about her milestones, to somehow keep a tight hold on her but her infancy so quickly slipped away from me. What I found myself wanting was a second me, someone who could photograph the daily joys and challenges of early parenthood while allowing me to be completely present to caring for and bonding with my daughter. Looking back on those first few weeks most of it I don’t even remember. It is a sleep deprived and disoriented blur. I would give anything to be able to relive the story of she and I getting to know one another, to be reminded of how far we have come together. To see through someone else’s eyes how the things that felt so impossibly hard at first were things that we learned to overcome.

As a new mother I am daily finding myself challenged, transformed, and in awe of all the complexities held within parenting. I’m quickly learning that there is no picture perfect childhood, no picture perfect parenting experience. I believe that clinging to the illusion of perfection does ourselves and our families a disservice. Parenting is hard and messy. It is a constant invitation of letting go, of surrendering to all that our children have to teach us. I believe that our photographs should reflect the complexities of life, should tell our real stories. These are the stories we want to remember. These are the stories we want to leave for our children.

There are a million photographers out there. How do you know if I'm the right fit for you? I want to truly know your family. I want to develop an ongoing relationship with you and your children. I want to witness your child’s birth, infancy, their development. I want to support you, to listen to you, to hold space for you. I want to tell your story as someone who has seen you move mountains, who has seen you suffer, seen you succeed. Someone who is there to witness the intricacies of your life and to remind you of how beautiful they are.