Frequently Asked Questions


How does being on call work?

For each birth client I am on call from 38 - 42 weeks. This means I must be accessible by phone and able to rush to you within 90 minutes. I do not leave town or go out of cell service unless you and I have agreed together on a circumstance where my backup will fill in for me while I am unavailable. Due to the intensity of being on call I only accept up to 2 births a month, 10 months out of the year.



When do you arrive at a birth?

I typically arrive at the beginning of active labor when you are admitted to your hospital, birthing center, or in the case of a home birth when you ask for your midwife to arrive. 


How long do you stay? 

My package includes 18 hours of birth photography. I am highly motivated to remain with you for your entire journey! However if I begin to feel that my exhaustion after 18 hours is preventing me from creating my best work I will call in my backup to ensure you receive the photographs you deserve.

After baby’s arrival I typically stay for up to 2 hours to document skin to skin, newborn exam, and the first latch or bottle. 


How do i know if my provider will allow birth photography?

This is a great question to run by your provider during a prenatal. In Asheville we are lucky to have Mission Hospital, Park Ridge Health, and the WNC Birth Center that are all very supportive of birth photography. However I always suggest talking with your provider about any specific restrictions they may have. Due to my credentials as a doula I have the right to accompany you into the OR for a cesarean. This is often not allowed for birth photographers who have not completed their doula training and hospital orientation and a huge benefit in hiring me as your birth photographer!


How can you ensure you will not miss the birth?

Due to the unpredictability of birth it is impossible to offer a 100% assurance. Together we will talk over all of the details regarding prompt and informative communication leading up to your birth to ensure that I have the best possible chance of arriving in time. Should an emergency or illness on my part prevent me from being available I always work with a backup who would be able to attend in my place. In the rare situation where your birth unfolds before I arrive, I will still come to document your recovery and baby’s first hours of life. I will also offer a complimentary postpartum session a few hours or days later depending on your preference.


What if I’m not sure I want my photographs on social media?

I never share any birth photographs without explicit permission from my clients. Your photographs will be stored in a secure and password protected gallery and only seen by my eyes during the editing and delivery process. 

Because I am a believer in the power of birth photography to educate and normalize the birth experience I offer special rates for families who are open to sharing their stories. Inquire for details!



Do you offer birth videography?

At this time I only offer still photography.


Do you use a flash?

During your prenatal you and I will discuss your lighting preferences and what lighting you would prefer for me to use in the situation where your birthing space is extremely dark. I typically shoot with natural light and use flash during the moment of birth if the lighting is too dim to clearly capture the moment. My birth clients commonly remark that they didn’t even realize I was taking photographs. My intention with the use of my equipment is to preserve the sacredness of your birth space.


What if I go into labor before 38 weeks?

As long as I am not out of town I will do everything in my power to come document your birth.


Do you offer discounts for a scheduled cesarean?

At this time I do not offer a discount for scheduled cesareans.


What if I don’t want photographs of everything?

During your prenatal we will go over all of your birth preferences - the moments that are most important to you and anything you’d prefer that I refrain from documenting.


Do you offer a gift registry?

Yes! After having my daughter I’ve realized that all of the onesies and baby gear I received as gifts during pregnancy wasn’t what I truly needed. What I longed for was support and help preserving the memory. A gift registry is a perfect way for your friends and family to give you exactly what you need to thrive during your birth and postpartum!


How does postpartum doula care work in conjunction with photography?

As your postpartum doula I will support you through hands on care performing tasks such as helping with baby, giving you space to sleep, light housework, and batch cooking all while keeping my camera close by to capture the raw and beautiful moments of your postpartum experience.


What if I already have a doula?

I LOVE working with other doulas and often do! It makes me so incredibly happy when my clients pull together their perfect birth support team. I do offer a discount when working with other doulas. Inquire for details!

Are you a certified doula?

Yes! I am a certified birth doula through DONA International.