Samantha Y.

I was on the fence about hiring a doula and photographer for the birth of my daughter, but found angel Maggie last minute and am SO THANKFUL I did! My mother and sister, mother in law and sis in law were in the room along with my partner. Lots of support!! Maggie shifted back and forth between rolls of doula/photographer so perfectly and allowed them to support me as needed. I was totally internal lol but from what I heard she sort of subconsciously guided them in their support. I specifically remember her keeping me calm in moments where the pain was so intense that I wanted to yell/panic. Her voice alone was therapeutic. My photos are amazing, my birth experience was incredible - I highly recommend Maggie as both a doula and photographer! ❤️

Alac W.

Truly blessed to have found Maggie to be our birth photographer! Many others in our local birth community had recommended her, so I knew she had to be great at what she does. I sent her an email and from her first reply, I knew right away that she was going to be at our birth. I could tell that she was passionate (not only about photography, but supporting mothers and birthing families too), caring and incredibly understanding on so many levels, all of which were later confirmed at our initial meeting. I was very excited to learn that she is also a trained Doula and we ended up having her as our primary Doula as well. She was completely open to hearing our story and helping make our dream homebirth team complete by patiently working with our budget, which allowed a huge weight to be lifted off our shoulders during such an intense time. Maggie understands how big of a decision it is to invite a stranger into your birth, no matter the setting, and naturally puts you at ease with her peaceful presence. Leading up to our birth, she would check in and ask questions regarding what types of photos we hoped to capture, what we were comfortable with, and what support looked like to us. She was the first to show up as I was in active labor, which progressed very quickly, and was so conscientious and respectful of us and our birthing space. I remember she had her equipment together in no time and was capturing photos without being the slightest interruption. She also took breaks from the camera to help support me through transition and make a phone call to our midwife. Aside from her just being all around awesome, our birth photos are absolutely stunning! They're everything and more than we ever imagined! She captured moments that I don't even remember happening, and for that alone, I'm forever grateful. We look at some and still say to each other "How did she get this one? When was she over there?" Every single image captures the raw beauty of our birth- from our baby transitioning between two worlds, to the first moments of us becoming parents again and our oldest becoming a big brother. I could go on and on about her because I really can't recommend Maggie enough! I'm honored to have had her at our birth and to now be able to call her a friend. 💖



Kirstin B.

When I gave birth to my rainbow baby last January, Maggie was there, taking some of the most gorgeous pictures I've ever had take of me, and my hubby. We were so grateful to have her there with us and not have to worry about taking pictures, as she quietly and quickly slipped around the room, getting the perfect shots of all of us. And the emotion I could see in her face when she watched my older daughter meet the baby, and my mother hold our daughters....she was like a member of our clan that day, and I'll be forever thankful.

Whitney P. 

Maggie has magical powers. She photographed my labor, birth, and early postpartum experience and, yet, somehow she was invisible. She later did a 'day in the life' shoot for us at my daughter's 6-month milestone. Maggie has a gift for capturing the beauty in the smallest moments. All of the images are simply stunning and have quickly become our most valued treasures.