The Birth of Amos // Mission Hospital

Amos came into this world via a beautiful planned cesarean due to breech presentation. Shannon answered some of my questions below regarding her experience! (Answers are Shannon’s however paraphrased by me). If you’d like to connect more with Shannon you can find her at @foxandowlstudio and

1. What were your thoughts about cesareans before giving birth? after?

They sounded scary and were something I thought would never happen to me. A c-section was my own birth story but I did not ever consider it would be my son’s. 

After having a cesarean my feelings shifted. It felt absolutely necessary for our situation. It’s truly not scary to me anymore. The emotional work that was required of me was overwhelming but the operation itself was really no big deal! I learned that when it comes to birth your mindset is 100% what you can control and if you can control that you can control so much of the experience.

2. What do you wish you’d known before your cesarean?

That it could be enjoyable! It can be a celebration. It all comes back to your mindset. It doesn’t have to be terrifying. That it's possible for your birth experience to be rad as hell even when it doesn’t go according to plan.

3. What was the most important thing you did to prepare?

Honoring our story. I gave myself space for ceremony and ritual the morning before we went to the hospital. It was cleansing and grounding. Working on my mindset, that was truly my labor. I went out the day before to the woods also. Gave myself space to breath and process.

4. What would you tell someone who is having a cesarean?

Ask me about my experience! I would love to talk to anyone. Make sure you have a support team that can ensure it is a bonding experience. Let them support you. Make sure you are known and surrounded by people on your team! Remember that it is ok. Trust the process. It is a birthday. It is birth and fuck anyone who tells you otherwise.

5. What was the best part? the hardest part?

The best was first hearing my son’s pterodactyl cry. And singing while he was born! Oh and being half numb while on an elevator. That was crazy. Seeing my son. Kathy and Maggie on my team, surrounded by support made it easier when he had to go to the warmer. And Mission working so hard to honor my survivor requests!

The hardest was the spinal. I have lots of anxiety with needles. The waiting was hard too. Having a scheduled birth looming. Post-op was intense. I was so excited but the soreness and pain flooding in while trying to figure our life with a newborn was hard.

6. How did your birth story prepare you for motherhood? What did it have to teach you?

The biggest thing was learning to trust Amos. I believe he was breech for a reason. It taught me to surrender control. To be curious instead of frustrated. I learned that there is no birth box that your story will fit into. It is uniquely your’s just like your kid is.