Gaia's Birth // WNC Birth Center

I couldn’t have imagined a more fitting birth story for a baby given the name “Gaia”. As doula and photographer I observed Gaia’s birth as being defined by the presence of strong and powerful women. Samantha, Gaia’s mother, labored rhythmically and intuitively. Always by her side was Gaia’s father, Perry whose calming presence held space for Samantha. Perry’s joy poured from him even during the hardest parts of labor and he never doubted Samantha’s strength. He wove gracefully in and out of Samantha’s line of vision, always knowing when she needed a whispered word of encouragement and when she needed space to sink further into her own strength.

Besides Samantha and Perry, Gaia’s birth was attended by her two aunts, her two grandmothers, a midwife, and nurse. Each woman offered something different to Samantha as she labored. I was at times left speechless by the beautiful energy of the room, each person working seamlessly together, somehow knowing intuitively what Samantha and Gaia would need next. I was especially struck by the connection between Samantha and her sister, who guided her beautifully through transition.

When it was time to push Samantha and Perry’s family left the room and waited in the family lounge. Even from a few rooms over I could feel their joy and support as if it was overflowing down the hall and under the closed doors. After Gaia slipped peacefully into her mother’s arms she was introduced to her aunts and grandmothers while Samantha recovered. I loved witnessing this quiet moment of reunion, a father introducing his daughter to the strong women from whose legacy she came from. Together they all came back to Samantha’s room to gaze at the wonder of Gaia together. The photograph of Samantha’s mother greeting Sam with a warm and knowing embrace of the transformation that had just transpired was one of my favorite moments. As I began to take my leave everyone was snuggled up on the bed gazing at Gaia in pure wonder and delight.

Gaia’s birth reminded me of how spectacular it can be when families work together to welcome new life, when mothers quietly hold space for their children as they walk through the threshold of parenthood. It was such an honor to witness