A Family Subscription Service

Since having my own daughter I’ve never wanted to hire a photographer more often and have also never found it more difficult. Its hard to remember to schedule for it, to set aside enough money for it, and to prioritize it. Something always gets in the way and before I know it she has already moved out of the stage that I so desperately wanted captured. 

As parents we need things to be streamlined, simplified, and automated as much as possible. Why not apply those concepts to photography?

For one low monthly payment you can ensure that you always have the money and the time set aside to prioritize photographs every year. You tell me how many sessions you would like and what time of year you’d like to schedule them and I will check in with you when its time to get your session on the calendar. No more realizing in a panic that you don’t have photographs in time for the holidays. The responsibility and stress is completely taken out of your hands.

What will the sessions be like?

Forget about stressing out about outfits, your kid refusing to smile at the camera no matter how much candy you try and bribe him with. For each session I will view your children as my primary clients. When they look back on these photographs will they spark joy and meaningful memories? Or will they remember how stressed their parents were and how they really just wanted to be able to play with their legos? These sessions will document your real family memories, the joys and challenges of each stage. The dance parties, the bedtime routines, tossing a ball in the backyard, the difficulty of unwanted diaper changes. The sink full of dirty dishes, the beautiful goodnight kisses. The meltdowns and milestones. 

Take a moment and ask yourself what do you want to remember 20 years from now? What sort of memories will your children want to look back on when they think about their childhood? What are your favorite photographs and memories from your childhood? What do you wish you had more photographs of from when you were growing up? If your answer is real, unfiltered life - the good and the bad - the mess and the magic - these sessions are for you.

What to expect:

+ a scheduling reminder 6-8 weeks before your session's desired time of year

+ a 2 hour documentary session in your home or during a favorite family outing

+ online gallery of 50-100 photographs with print permission


$400 per session


1 session per year $33/month for 12 months

2 sessions per year $66/month for 12 months

3 sessions per year $99/month for 12 months

Subscription TERMS & CONDITIONS:

  • Subscription is for 12 months.

  • All sessions must be booked within the year the subscription began.

  • If client chooses to cancel the subscription before the 12 month cycle is complete, the full amount of the 12 month subscription is due at that time.

  • If client chooses to cancel the subscription before the 12 month cycle is complete, but before any services have been initiated (such as consulting or photo session) the amount paid is non-refundable, but the remaining payments may be waived.


More questions? Visit the FAQ page!