I believe that our stories deserve to be told rather than curated. I believe in honest imagery that empowers and heals as families pass through the different thresholds life holds for them. 

Birth photography 

& Doula Support

Birth photography is for every birth - the birth that goes perfectly according to plan and the birth that meets left turn after left turn. Birth photography helps us reclaim our birth stories as our own - our own to process, to mourn, to celebrate.

The threshold package

Imagine this - an empathetic birth & postpartum doula to support you through your transition into parenthood - providing labor support as well as holding space for you and your baby’s needs in the postpartum. A witness - someone to help you process and preserve your story. An unobtrusive photographer there to capture the subtle and and the extraordinary of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. When so much about the first year of life is impossible to predict imagine having someone there to walk with you through it all - while capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Storytelling sessions

As parents we need things to be streamlined, simplified, and automated as much as possible. Why not apply those concepts to photography? For one low monthly payment you can ensure that you always have the money and the time set aside to prioritize photographs every year.